Troubleshooting & Support

I will not help you build menus/build menus for you. These docs are the only support I’ll provide. Unless there’s some serious bug with the API.

Found a bug?

Check if it hasn’t been reported yet either on the forums or on the GitHub issues page.

It’s not reported yet?

Report it, make it a good report otherwise I’ll ignore it. I don’t have time to try and figure out what you’re trying to report. If there isn’t enough info provided I’ll just close or ignore the report. You want something fixed, then you should put some effort into helping me fix it.

You need help with creating a menu.

Read the “Note” above.

You need help installing this resource.

Are you a resource developer? Yes?

Then why do you call yourself a developer if you think this is a plug and play resource. It’s called an API for a reason. You’ll need to implement this into your own resource. Similar to the C# NativeUI API.

You’re a server owner?

Ask your server developer for help. This is NOT a resource to install yourself. It’s one to be implemented into other C# projects.

Anything else?

Check the docs and github issues page. Maybe it’s already addressed. Can’t find it? Look harder. Still can’t find it? Ask for help on the forum topic or on my discord (