A menu item with ‘checkbox’ functionality and a forced checkbox icon on the right.

Example usage

// checkedValue: when this is set to true, the checkbox will be 'checked' by default.
bool checkedValue = false;
MenuCheckboxItem item = new MenuCheckboxItem("Checkbox Text", "Checkbox description.", checkedValue);

// Set the style:
item.Style = CheckboxStyle.Cross;

// Add a menu item to a menu:


All standard MenuItem class properties are inherited. The MenuItem properties RightIcon and Label are not available for MenuCheckboxItems.

Property Type Default value Description Optional
Checked boolean false The checked state for the checkbox. No
Style CheckboxStyle CheckboxStyle.Tick The style of this checkbox item when it is “checked”. No


There are no methods available for MenuCheckboxItems.

Checkbox Styles

Available checkbox syltes:

Style Available in which game? Default style Example
CheckboxStyle.Tick FiveM & RedM Yes Style
CheckboxStyle.Cross FiveM No Style