A menu item with a list of (string) values, from which one can be selected using the left/right arrow keys. You can also select a menu list item by pressing enter, which will trigger a separate event that you can listen for.

Example usage

// A list (of strings) containing all selectable values.
// Note: At least one value must be provided.
List<string> values = new List<string>() {
    "Option 1",
    "Option 2",
    "Option 3"

// Specify the index which will be used when the item is visible by default.
// Value must be a valid index value for the given values list.
int currentIndex = 0; // ("Option 1")

MenuListItem item = new MenuListItem("Item Text", values, currentIndex, "Item description");

// Add a menu item to a menu:


All standard MenuItem class properties are inherited. The MenuItem properties RightIcon and Label are not available for MenuListItems.

Property Type Default value Description Optional
ListIndex int 0 The currently selected list index. No
ListItems List<string> - A list holding a collection of strings which can be selected through this menu list item. At least one string must be present in this list. No
HideArrowsWhenNotSelected boolean false Hides the left & right arrows when the menu list item is not currently highlighted. Yes
ShowOpacityPanel boolean false Shows the Opacity Panel. Yes
ShowColorPanel boolean false Shows the Color Panel. Yes
ColorPanelColorType ColorPanelType ColorPanelType.Hair Shows the Color Panel. Yes
ItemsCount int 0 Returns how many ListItems there are in this MenuListItem. Yes




This function does not have any parameters.

Return value
Type Description
string Returns the currently selected ListItem value.

Color panel types

Color and Opacity panels are only available in FiveM.

Color panels are shown below the menu, right under the item’s description text (if present).

Type Default Example
ColorPanelType.Hair Yes Hair color panel
ColorPanelType.Makeup No Makeup color panel

Opacity panel example

Opacity panels are also shown below the menu, right under the item’s description text (if present).

Opacity panel