Configuration Options

Starting from version v1.4.0, vMenu now uses different convars to configure it’s options. A list of all available options can be found below. Please note that you need to have a recent server artifacts version (around 804) for this to work. All options can also be found in the permissions.cfg, this is also the place where you can configure them. If you want, you could also move this to the server.cfg, as long as it’s above the start vMenu line, but for most people it’ll be eaiser to just keep the config options in the permissions.cfg.

To set an option, use the following command in the server.cfg or permissions.cfg:

setr vmenu_option_name value
Option Possible values Description
vmenu_use_permissions true / false This option allows you to toggle on/off the permissions system in vMenu. If you just want a plug-and-play resource and don’t want to mess with configuring permissions, then use this. It will disable all admin features like banning, kicking, unbanning and similar.
vmenu_menu_staff_only true / false This option allows you to make this menu staff-only. Anyone with the vMenu.Staff permission will be able to use the menu. It will still keep in mind all other permissions, it’s just a way of limiting who can open the menu.
vmenu_menu_toggle_key A valid control ID. Sets the control ID for the key that opens vMenu (keyboard/mouse only, controller key will always be (hold) ‘change view/select’).
vmenu_noclip_toggle_key A valid control ID. Sets the control ID for the noclip toggle key (keyboard/mouse only).
vmenu_keep_spawned_vehicles_persistent true / false Keeps spawned vehicles persistend if ‘replace previous vehicle’ is turned off.
vmenu_enable_weather_sync true / false Enables/disables weather sync completely.
vmenu_enable_dynamic_weather true / false Enbales/disables dynamic weather changes by default. It can still be toggled on/off in-game using the menu.
vmenu_dynamic_weather_timer Any integer (whole number) Sets the delay between dynamic weather changes in whole minutes.
vmenu_default_weather A valid weather type Set the default weather type that will be selected when the resource is loaded.
vmenu_enable_time_sync true / false Enables/disables time sync completely.
vmenu_freeze_time true / false Enables/disables the default freeze time state.
vmenu_default_time_hour Any integer (whole number) The default in-game hour to set the time to whenever the resource is started (24 hours clock).
vmenu_default_time_min Any integer (whole number) The default in-game minute to set the time to whenever the resource is started.
vmenu_ingame_minute_duration Any integer (whole number) (Default: 2000) Sets the duration of 1 in-game minute to this value in real time (ms). Example: if this is set to 2000 (ms) then 1 in-game minute takes 2 seconds in real life.
vmenu_auto_ban_cheaters true / false Automatically bans people who try to trigger events when they don’t have permissions for it. In rare cases this can be unreliable so it’s disabled by default.
vmenu_log_ban_actions true / false Log whenever someone gets banned to the vmenu.log file.
vmenu_log_kick_actions true / false Log whenever someone gets kicked to the vmenu.log file.
vmenu_outdated_version_notify_players true / false Warn players whenever they join through the use of a notification above the minimap whenever vMenu is outdated on that server.
vmenu_use_els_compatibility_mode true / false Enables compatibility mode for ELS resources (and other siren control scripts) by disabling vMenu’s siren control option completely.
vmenu_quit_session_in_rockstar_editor true / false When you set this to true, it will leave the current game session if a player uses the rockstar editor button in the recording options menu.
vmenu_server_info_message string Allows you to write a very short description about your server. Used in the About menu.
vmenu_server_info_website_url string Enter a (short) website/domain name of your community here. Used in the About menu.
vmenu_teleport_to_wp_keybind_key A valid control ID The control ID for the Teleport To Waypoint keybind. 168 / F7 by default.
vmenu_disable_spawning_as_default_character true / false Setting this to true will globally disable the ‘Spawn As Default Character’ feature for everyone on the server.
vmenu_auto_ban_cheaters_ban_message Any string This allows you to set a custom ban reason for whenever a player is automatically banned for cheating. (Added in vMenu v2.2.1).
vmenu_disable_daily_update_checks true / false Allows you to disable the daily update checks.
vmenu_enable_animals_spawn_menu true / false Enables the animals menu in the player appearance » ped spawner menu.
vmenu_pvp_mode 0, 1 or 2 0 = Do nothing. 1 = Enable PVP for everyone. 2 = Disable PVP for everyone.
vmenu_disable_server_info_convars true / false Disables the server info convars.
vmenu_player_names_distance Any float value Default 500.0, sets the range on the player overhead names.
vmenu_disable_entity_outlines_tool true / false Disables the entity related dev-tools in the Misc Settings » Dev Tools menu.
vmenu_default_ban_message_information string Default: "Please contact the staff team by going to (support url) if you want to appeal this ban", This message gets added at the end of all ban messages, use this to show users where they can contact the server staff team in case they want to appeal it or if they have any questions.
vmenu_blackout_enabled true / false This allows you to set the (default) state for blackout mode.
vmenu_sync_to_machine_time true / false Allows you to sync the time to the server’s real system time (the custom in-game hour duration setting will be ignored if this is enabled and you won’t be able to change the time manually).
vmenu_weather_change_duration integer Allows you to configure how long in seconds weather changes take, value should be between 0 and 45 for best results.
vmenu_handle_invisibility true / false Prevent vMenu from setting the player’s invisibility every frame. Useful if you have other resources that want to override vMenu’s player invisibility option.
vmenu_disable_player_stats_setup true / false Prevent vMenu from setting any player stats like stamina, shooting, driving ability, etc.
vmenu_enable_snow true / false Manually enable snow on the ground without having the ‘xmas’ weather type selected.
vmenu_using_chameleon_colours true / false Allows the use of chameleon colors for supported vehicles. (Default: false)
keep_player_head_props true / false Sets whether or not players can lose their head props when they are hit/pushed. (Default true)

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